Baby Mate 24 PCS Child Safety Electrical Outlet Plugs (White, 1.3″ x 1.1″ Plug Size) – Electric Socket Cover – Childproof Outlet Covers – Electrical Safety Outlet Protector – Safety Caps for Outlets

Baby Mate Outlet Plugs Help Make Your Home a Safer Place 1. Disguises the hidden danger and decrease the risk of electrical shock. Also prevent toddlers from inserting objects into the outlet2. Fit securely over outlets & entirely flat surfaces […]


Wireless Remote Outlet Switch, Goronya Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch Outlet Plug Switch with remote for Household Appliances & Electrical Equipment (1 Plug / 1 Remote)

Introduction: Goronya Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit works from as far as 30m/100ft and is great for switching on/off hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power switches. This product can support a wireless remote control device to control a […]